Mission & Goals

The North Carolina Local Government Budget Association (NCLGBA) is a professional organization of people interested in the exchange of knowledge for individuals concerned with budget and evaluation responsibilities of local government.

The Association’s main goals are as follows:
  • To strengthen communications and provide opportunities for professional growth and development through the exchange of ideas
  • To investigate, study, discuss, and recommend improvements in the application of budget and evaluation methods
  • To collect, compile, and distribute pertinent information about the administration of budget responsibilities
  • To promote, sponsor, or conduct training and education programs through the participation in Association sponsored events and meetings

Reference Documents (PDF)

NCLGBA Constitution (amended December 2017)
NCLGBA By Laws (amended December 2017)

The NCLGBA Constitution and By-Laws were updated, in a unanimous vote of the membership present, during the Winter 2017 Budget Conference on December 14, 2017. Highlights of the proposed changes include:
  • Elimination of the associate membership distinction and combining it with active membership. Current membership categories are active, student, and retiree.
  • Addition of a Marketing Coordinator to the NCLGBA Board of Directors. This position will serve a one-year term and be eligible to be elected to an additional two one-year terms and will be responsible for the association’s web site, social media accounts, and other communications to the membership.
  • Cleaning up language for consistency across the by-laws and constitution.

The new versions are available through the links above.

If you have questions about these changes, please contact a member of the NCLGBA Board.