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NCLGBA Listserv

The UNC School of Government provides our association with a listserv. Anyone can join the NCLGBA listserv. It is an excellent vehicle for exchanging information or asking questions of experts. Messages and membership to the listserv are not screened.

To join, you will need to create an account with the UNC Listserv system and subscribe.

Once subscribed, you can also login to your UNC Listserv account to read all listserv messages in a message board format, and/or modify your subscription preferences (including unsubscribing).


NC Finance Connect

NC Finance Connect (NCFC) officially replaced the NCFinance listserv on January 3, 2017. That means that all finance listserv communications will now occur through NCFC. This application was developed through coordination with and input from finance officers across in North Carolina. In order to get some of the additional functionality that finance officers wanted, so trade-offs were made, the biggest being that users must send listserv messages within NCFC (instead of through your email.) Once posted, you will continue to get email notifications of listserv messages, and for most of you, will be able to easily respond by clicking in the link in the email. You also are able to customize your email notifications to only receive messages about topics you are interested in. You will also receive a weekly “digest” of activity on NCFC.

NCFC did not replace the NC Budget listserv.


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